Google Tag Manager 360

Tag Manager 360

Google Tag Manager 360 is the cornerstone of advanced tag management solutions within the Google Marketing Platform. It empowers businesses with enterprise-level control and streamlined integration of digital tags across websites.

XPON is a certified Tag Manager reseller and support partner in Australia and New Zealand.

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What value does Tag Manager 360 provide?

Enterprise control & security

Take organisational control to the next level by defining rules and permissions for tag deployment, even across multiple sites.

Server-side tagging

Enhance data control through first-party server processing, delivering advantages like enhanced data security and site performance.

Consent support

Respect user consent choices for cookie usage with the Google tag and other third-party tags. Customise the consent settings for any tag in your container.


How XPON supports as a Tag Manager 360 Partner.

XPON is a leading Tag Manager 360 partner, and one of the only partners also certified in the full Google Marketing Platform stack, as well as Google Cloud. We play a unique role as a strategic technology partner who is completely non-compete in the media space.

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Licensing & seat access

We provide direct seat access to the Google Marketing Platform tools, which is only available via Google’s partners.

Implementation & configuration

Best-in-class configuration to align Google Tag Manager 360 with your advertising goals and existing adtech ecosystem.

Training & workshops

Comprehensive Google Marketing Platform training, enablement workshops, and playbooks.

Ongoing support

Troubleshooting and assistance for ad campaigns to ensure your advertising team has the support they need.

XPON’s Advertiser Toolkit

Our proprietary toolkit streamlines time-to-value with pre-built reports and self-service insights for your media activities.

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