What we are about...

It is an exciting time to be a part of the Xpon team. We are on a journey of exponential growth and are always looking for like minded people to discover what next with us.

Our values are in the DNA of everything we do and it’s what connects our team.

We are a global team that learns from our experiences, and pushes the boundaries of possibility.


Let us know if you would like to be a part of our team

More than a career.

What you can expect from us.


We can help you with the tools to grow. Salary, Skills and Self. Salary growth is important and we are committed to this growth for our team. Growing your skills through mastery, learning from peers and mentors. Opportunities to dive into innovative technologies. Grow yourself and what you want for your life.


You own your outcomes, your learning, your time. In turn, we own our part in helping you succeed on your journey.

We provide you with the vision and structure for you to create the space to work flexibly, in a way that benefits you and your team.


Knowing your work is meaningful and has an impact. Understanding what you do daily has a greater purpose towards your goals, the business goals and your team and community is powerful.

We can help you connect to what this means for you and the work you do.