Marketing Technology Optimisation

Marketing Technology Optimisation

Optimise performance and operational efficiencies from your MarTech stack

Fragmented and bloated technology ecosystems hinder efficiency and limit your ability to unlock true marketing potential.

Through Marketing Technology Optimisation, XPON empowers you to break down data silos, streamline operations, and achieve peak performance.

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We ensure you get the greatest ROI from your marketing technology.

XPON acts as your strategic technology partner, supporting your business to optimise your existing technology stack in line with your digital strategy, business objectives, budget, and current team capability.

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The benefits our customers see:

    1. Reduced technology costs through the removal of underutilised or overlapping technologies.

    2. Greater team productivity through improved automation and streamlined workflows.

    3. Improved data centralisation through the removal of technology creating data siloes.

    4. Better team alignment between Marketing, Finance, Technology and Data teams utilising the same technology stack.


On average, marketers utilise only 42% of the capability within their current marketing technology stack

Despite investing a quarter of their budgets in marketing technology, on average, marketers heavily underutilise their technology stacks due to a lack of capability, lack of integration, and overlapping technology sets within their ecosystem. 

Does this sound like you?

If so, get in touch to learn how to quickly save costs and drive efficiencies from your technology stack. 

Flight Centre delivers global standardisation of measurement technology with Google Analytics 4

As a global business, Flight Centre previously operated siloed measurement ecosystems and measurement practices across different regions, creating challenges for marketing success measurement at a global level.

Flight Centre needed to rethink and standardise its marketing analytics ecosystem, measurement framework and overall success metrics and then implement a cohesive, standardised analytics solution that would enable confident reporting and marketing decision-making globally.

Flight Centre case study

Ready to unlock ROI from your marketing technology stack?

Contact XPON today for a free consultation and discover how our marketing technology team can help you to achieve your business goals.

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