Modernised solutions for brands to constantly deliver experiences.

Create a personalised experience that speaks to your customers as unique individuals with specific needs.

Centralise: collect, integrate
Our powerful cloud-based customer data platform.
Build a single customer view with our powerful cloud-based customer data platform, Wondaris®. Wondaris® lets you centralise customer data from multiple online and offline sources, so empower your business with a holistic view of your customers. Integrated with FiveTran, Wondaris enables access to more than 180 data connectors.
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Identify: resolve and match

A single customer view for digital activation.

Without reliable measurement, you cannot accurately understand your customers’ behaviour and the effectiveness of your activities. As a Google Marketing Platform partner, XPON helps businesses deploy marketing measurement tools that gather data across the many touchpoints of today’s complex customer journey. We then use deep insights to help your enterprise measure and improve the impact of your marketing.

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Understand: attribution, intelligence, analytics
Analyse interactions across multiple channels with Google Analytics 360.

XPON deploys digital solutions and services that enable businesses to quickly analyse customer and marketing data and deliver better experiences through your website, tailored audience lists and more. We help you uncover insights within your data sets, collaborate with your team, and develop an insights-driven marketing strategy to maximise your marketing and customer experience potential.

As an award-winning, certified Google Marketing Partner, XPON helps businesses better understand and use marketing technology to highlight their most valuable customer segments and create more meaningful experiences for those consumers.

We will work with you to understand how your company measures success and forms KPIs, and use this to only surface the most relevant data. We will harness that information to create near real-time visualisations and dashboards. This will allow you to easily interpret your data and make more efficient and effective marketing decisions.

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Predict: churn, LTV, propensity, RFM

Rapidly identify and segment high-value audiences.

With better insights on marketing attribution and customer data, XPON’s customer data platform Wondaris® uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to centralise the data and generate smart audience segments based on predictions of behaviour such as propensity to churn, propensity to purchase and predicted lifetime value (LTV). The Wondaris® platform allows for data ingestion from second and third-party data sets in a privacy-safe way without needing coding, data engineering or data science skills.

These smart audiences can be activated rapidly into marketing campaigns and generate richer customer intelligence for better business decision-making and marketing investments.

In addition to auto-generated Smart Audiences, Wondaris® enables the granular exploration of behavioural characteristics of consumers, including frequency, recency, content consumption, transaction history and segmentation opportunities, to build custom audiences for in-depth analysis or automated activation.

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Activate: media, email, SMS
Media, email, SMS.

XPON makes your customer data accessible, portable and actionable by centralisation so that multiple business teams – not just IT or Marketing – can access it. Our customer data platform Wondaris® is a certified Google Customer Match Uploader (CMU) partner, which allows businesses can use the powerful workflow automation of Wondaris® to activate audiences into Google marketing campaigns in just a few clicks.

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Engage: web, apps, Metaverse
Highly-personalised digital experiences.
Use the powerful features of Holoscribe to create immersive experiences for your customers. Leverage its native integration with the Wondaris CDP platform to deliver highly-personalised digital experiences that are continually enhanced by enriched first-party data.
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