Marketing Analytics

Marketing Analytics

Gain advanced insights into marketing performance and business impact.

In today’s data-driven marketing landscape, fragmented data and siloed systems hinder clear insights and effective decision-making.

XPON empowers you to break down these barriers to gain a better understanding of marketing and customer experience with our powerful Marketing Analytics solutions.

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We enable rich, intelligent insights from your campaigns and customers.
As one of the few Google Cloud Premier Partners specialised in Marketing Analytics, XPON is uniquely positioned to bring your marketing data to life, enabling data-driven strategies that fuel real growth.
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The benefits our customers see:

    1. Smarter decision-making through deeper customer understanding and actionable insights.

    2. Improved customer retention through predictive churn and purchasing insights.

    3. Optimised marketing ROI through smarter marketing budgets and campaign bidding.

    4. Increased customer engagement through smarter segmentation and campaign personalisation.

Marketing analytics use cases fueled by XPON and your data.

Gain predictive customer insights

Anticipate customer needs, predict churn risk, and identify high-value segments before they emerge. Proactively engage them with relevant offers and experiences for a future-proof marketing strategy.

Measure and optimise customer sentiment

Turn emotions into actionable insights. Deeply understand customer perception of your brand, products, and campaigns. Identify areas for improvement and optimize experiences for maximum satisfaction, fostering lasting loyalty.

Enhance customer journeys with AI/ML

Craft unique journeys at scale. Leverage AI/ML to personalize each customer journey based on their behavior, preferences, and real-time needs. Drive engagement and conversions with intelligent recommendations and personalized interactions.

Gain real-time insights for all campaigns

React in the moment, dominate the game. Monitor campaign performance across channels in real-time. Make data-driven adjustments for maximum impact and optimise results as they unfold, ensuring peak campaign effectiveness.

Provide real-time recommendations

The perfect suggestion, every click. Recommend relevant products, content, and offers based on individual user behavior and real-time context. Drive conversions and create exceptional online experiences that keep users engaged.

Analyse media creative at scale

Uncover winning creatives, crush the competition. Evaluate marketing materials across platforms at scale. Identify high-performing elements and optimize creatives for maximum impact, ensuring your message resonates and drives results.
wondaris offering
Rapidly segment audiences and enrich customer insights with Wondaris.

XPON’s Audience, Enrichment and Activation Platform.

Wondaris is a next-generation platform for marketers. Wondaris offers advanced marketing analytics capability out-of-the-box, including customer churn prediction and propensity modelling.

Flight Centre delivers global measurement standardisation with Google Analytics 4
As a global business, Flight Centre previously operated siloed measurement ecosystems and measurement practices across different regions, creating challenges for marketing success measurement at a global level.

Flight Centre needed to rethink and standardise its marketing analytics ecosystem, measurement framework and overall success metrics and then implement a cohesive, standardised analytics solution that would enable confident reporting and marketing decision-making globally.

Flight Centre case study

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