First-Party Data Strategies

First-Party Data Strategies

Leverage your first-party data, drive better customer experience

In today’s privacy-conscious landscape, first-party data holds the key to unlocking deeper customer understanding and personalised experiences.

At XPON, we’re experts in harnessing the power of your owned data to drive business growth and strengthen customer relationships.

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We help you to collect, centralise and activate first-party data.

Our team of seasoned data strategists and experienced engineers understand the intricacies of building successful first-party data initiatives. We’ve helped countless businesses like yours realise the benefits of first-party data strategies. 

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The benefits our customers see:

    1. Increase in customer engagement with personalised messaging and offers.

    2. Conversion rate boosts with targeted campaigns based on real-time behavior.

    3. Optimised marketing ROI by allocating resources to high-value segments.

    4. Enhanced brand loyalty through data-driven customer experiences.

Marketing use cases fueled by first-party data.

Accurately measure marketing effectiveness

Go beyond vanity metrics like website clicks and social media likes. Use your data to accurately measure the true impact of your marketing campaigns. Track how specific data-driven strategies contribute to conversions, sales, and other key business goals. This data-driven approach helps you optimise your campaigns, allocate resources effectively, and maximize your marketing ROI.

Build powerful audiences for advertising

Leverage your first-party data to build laser-focused segments that resonate with specific customer groups. Go beyond demographics and delve into interests, purchase history, website behaviour, and even app usage.  This data-driven approach creates high-performing ad campaigns that deliver better results and maximise your advertising budget.

Craft hyper-personalised experiences

Use your customer data to personalise every touchpoint with your customer. Tailor content, offers, and product suggestions to individual preferences and past behaviour from top-of-funnel display ads, through to email, text and on-site web experiences. This level of personalisation fosters stronger connections, boosts engagement, and drives more sales.

Optimise the end-to-end customer journey

Every customer interaction is an opportunity. Use your data to identify friction points in your customer journey, from website navigation to checkout. Understand where customers drop off and why. Then, personalise each stage based on their needs and behaviours. For example, analyse abandoned cart data to offer targeted discounts or suggest complementary products. By smoothing out the journey, you’ll keep customers engaged and drive more conversions.

Build predictive models and customer insights

Don’t just react to customer behavior – predict it! Leverage your data to anticipate the needs, preferences, and buying habits of your customers. This allows you to proactively engage them with relevant offers and content before they even realize they need it. Imagine predicting which customers are likely to churn and offering exclusive deals to win them back. This proactive approach strengthens customer relationships and increases customer lifetime value.

Fuel a privacy-first marketing ecosystem

Today’s privacy-conscious consumers demand transparency and control over their data. Show them you value their trust by using first-party data ethically and transparently. Gain rich insights for personalised experiences, targeted campaigns, and content optimization – all while complying with privacy regulations and building stronger customer relationships.

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Rapidly enrich and activate your first-party data with Wondaris.

XPON’s Audience, Enrichment and Activation Platform

Wondaris is a next-generation platform for marketers. Wondaris enables marketers to quickly centralise their 1st party data and easily enrich, explore and activate their audiences from a single click into multiple channels to deliver better customer experiences and accelerate ROI.

OFX realises 27% uplift in new customer acquisitions with first-party data.

With the recent privacy-first changes in regulation, technology and customer expectations, OFX recognised that their customer experiences would inevitably be impacted. By rethinking every step of the digital journey from the customer’s perspective and putting privacy first, OFX aims to innovate how they reach, connect, and engage with their clients.

Expanding and activating OFX’s owned first-party data was a crucial initiative that would help the company in an increasingly privacy-first world.

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Ready to unlock the power of your first-party data?

Contact XPON today for a free consultation and discover how our first-party data strategies can help you achieve your business goals.

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