How Certified Google Marketing Platform Partners Create Value for Brands

In the dynamic world of digital marketing, businesses are in constant pursuit of marketing performance optimisation. The Google Marketing Platform (GMP) emerges as a potent solution for those seeking to unify and scale digital campaigns, measure intelligent audience insights, and in turn, deliver greater ROI. However, navigating the intricate layers of the GMP stack can prove challenging. This is where certified partners like XPON play an important role.

Let’s dive into how certified partners like XPON apply their partner expertise to unlock value from the Google Marketing Platform for clients through strategy, technical implementation, enablement and, support.

The Power of Certified Google Marketing Platform Partners

Collaborating with certified GMP partners to harness the Google Marketing Platform presents an array of benefits that can redefine marketing outcomes. Certified partners undergo rigorous training and assessment, ensuring they have the comprehensive expertise required to effectively leverage the platform’s suite of tools. This proficiency guarantees your marketing endeavors are in the hands of specialists who understand the nuanced features of the platform, enabling you to optimise its capabilities for maximum impact.

GMP Partners like XPON Technologies provide an encompassing suite of services to ensure you are getting maximum value from your GMP investment:

1. GMP Licensing: The Full-Stack GMP Partner Advantage

GMP Partners with reseller status are able to sell licenses to advertisers and agencies, which is important as Google’s licensing model is “partner-first”. XPON is a certified full-stack GMP partner, meaning we are able to offer access to the complete suite of GMP products, including Display & Video 360, Google Analytics 4 360, Search Ads 360, and Campaign Manager 360. Harnessing this comprehensive suite of Google Marketing products enable businesses and marketing teams to drive impactful results and gain a competitive edge.

2. Mastery of Google Marketing Platform Implementation

The journey into GMP might seem overwhelming. To navigate this uncertainty, collaborating with certified GMP partners is crucial. This collaboration ensures the seamless configuration of GMP tools aligned with your goals and existing MarTech, AdTech, and analytics ecosystem.

3. Expert GMP Support: Navigating Challenges with Confidence

Certified GMP partners play a vital role in troubleshooting challenges and maintaining a smooth experience. Whether it’s platform-related issues or integrations with other systems, partners like XPON help overcome obstacles, minimising disruptions and enhancing platform effectiveness.

4. Robust GMP Training

Realising GMP’s true potential requires understanding its complexities. Certified partners provide Google Marketing Platform training, empowering your team with knowledge to maximise adtech investments. With proper guidance, from a partner such as XPON, your team can proficiently utilise GMP, leading to impactful campaigns.

5. Enhancing Media Efficiencies through Agency & Advertiser Toolkits

By streamlining operations and automating essential activities, such as automated reports, self-service insights, and optimisation recommendations, businesses can elevate their ROI through data-driven decisions via XPON’s proprietary Toolkit. This toolkit acts as a guide for Advertisers and Agencies, driving higher advertising Return on Investment (ROI). The toolkit also highlights advanced feature adoption, allowing you to harness the platform’s full potential.

6. Insightful GMP Reporting

Efficient reporting solutions, whether out-of-the-box or custom, provide automated insights into advertising performance and media spending. These insights, enabled by certified GMP partners, result in precise campaign monitoring, empowering informed adjustments and optimised results.

2022 Google Partner of the Year

XPON: Your Google Marketing Platform Partner of the Year

As Google Marketing Platform Partner of the Year for Australia in 2022, XPON has a proven track record of client success and a team of experts at the helm. A tailored training approach ensures your team becomes proficient in harnessing the platform’s potential, while unwavering support ensures you’re never alone in navigating its complexities.

Partner with XPON to revolutionise your marketing experience and elevate your business in the digital advertising realm.