About the webinar.

AI made a significant impact in 2023, yet many are grappling with the challenge of effectively harnessing its potential for marketing success.

Join us in this webinar as we unveil compelling case studies from top ANZ brands. Explore how they’ve harnessed AI to automate and enhance analytics and advertising, elevating audience targeting, scaling personalised campaigns, amplifying ROAS, and cultivating positive customer sentiment.

Why should you watch?

  • Learn from Others’ Success: Learn how other leading brands are harnessing the power of AI, and gain actionable insights on replicating their achievements.
  • Experience AI Tools in Action: Witness XPON and Google’s cutting-edge AI tools in action, showcasing how they can be seamlessly integrated into your marketing strategies to drive tangible results.
  • Get Expert Answers to Your Burning AI Questions: Our dedicated Q&A session provides you with direct access to XPON and Google’s AI experts.

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