Flight Centre is one of the world’s largest travel retailers and is headquartered in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. It has company-owned leisure and corporate travel business in 23 countries across Australia and New Zealand, the Americas, the United Kingdom and Europe, South Africa, the Middle East and Asia.

The challenge

 As a global business, Flight Centre previously operated siloed measurement ecosystems and measurement practices across different regions, creating challenges for marketing success measurement at a global level. Flight Centre needed to rethink and standardise its marketing analytics ecosystem, measurement framework and overall success metrics and then implement a cohesive, standardised analytics solution that would enable confident reporting and marketing decision-making globally.

The solution

 With the Australian region being the most complex analytics configuration across the organisation, XPON first focussed on successfully rolling out migration of Flight Centre’s existing Universal Analytics platform to Google Analytics 4, enabling consistency in data collection and cross-platform ID resolution.

In turn, this enabled a privacy-first analytics ecosystem that would address the long-term impacts of cookie deprecation while providing rich end-to-end insights across the digital customer journey. XPON completed a customised and in-depth Google Analytics 4 training regime within the internal team to ensure adoption and familiarity with the new platform from data collection and reporting within the Google Analytics interface.

Key business outcomes 

The successful delivery of Flight Centre’s Australia and New Zealand migration delivered a newfound confidence in data collection and marketing measurement practices that could be standardised globally across all 5 regions. The augmented accessibility of information through Google Analytics 4 platform meant that Flight Centre was empowered to make better strategic decisions across the business.

“Through XPON’s invaluable and trusted strategic guidance, we were empowered to roll out a standardised and simplified migration across all 5 global regions.

We set out with the goal to be well ahead of the curve with the implementation and adoption to ensure we had as much time as possible to get key stakeholders familiar with the new data model. As well as a considerable historical period on period data bank for business reporting.


Matt Cowell, Global Discipline Leader – Digital Analytics

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