XPON is excited to be named a finalist in the CRN Impact Awards

In our first year of submitting for the CRN Impact Awards, based on our role as USC’s technology and digital marketing partner for their immersive open day environment.

What are the CRN Impact Awards?

The CRN Impact Awards span 11 categories and chart success in business transformation, customer experience, empowering deployments of networking solutions, infrastructure, new software, and security architectures.

The CRN Impact Awards celebrate the technology providers delivering outcomes for customer organisations and building Australia’s innovation economy for the future.

We understand that that to even whittle submissions down to finalists was very challenging and we are excited to be in that group. 

While the project that Datisan and XPON worked with USC on could be classed under a number of different innovation categories, we chose to submit under Customer Experience, because the award recognises projects that help client organisations better service their own end-user customers in a digital, mobile world. We thought this was defineitly the case for the USC Open Day Online.

Tell me more about USC Australia’s Open Day Online?

In 2020, USC Australia faced a challenge: how to provide its expected personable and approachable face-to-face Open Day experience, with all of the restrictions around social distancing and the need to balance community health.

Datisan scoped ideas around immersive student experiences and connected USC with Xpon Digital and their leading web-VR and interactive 360-degree technology platform, Holoscribe.

With support from Datisan and Xpon Digital, USC Australia successfully pivoted from a traditional face-to-face campus-only event to designing an engaging and online open day experience that can convey a lot of information about study options, virtually. 

So what happens now?

CRN Australia has shared an article about our submission to their large industry audience, which you can view here.

Formal judging to determine the winners begins this week, with a panel of independent industry experts to judge the finalist entries. While we were looking forward to the Awards Gala that goes with this event, and the opportunity to meet other award finalists, we will have to wait for another year as the moving goalposts of the pandemic mean that the winner announcement moves online to early October.  

You know we’ll be sure to update you then!