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The pressure to leverage customer data for marketing success is at an all-time high. However, the recent surge in “Customer Data Platform” (CDP) solutions can leave businesses wondering: is a CDP the only way to unlock the value of their data?

This informative session will explore the true potential of customer data, going beyond the hype of CDPs. We’ll help you determine if a CDP is the right fit for your business, and uncover alternatives to turn your customer data into actionable insights and marketing wins.

Join us to learn:

  • Cut Through the CDP Hype: Understand what a CDP really is, their core functionalities and limitations, and where they might be the right fit for an organisation.
  • Explore Data-Driven Alternatives: Learn about traditional vs. composable CDPs as alternatives to centralise, unify, and activate your customer data. We’ll also explore the common ‘build vs buy’ challenges businesses face.
  • Maximise The Value Of Your Data: Gain practical tips and actionable steps to transform your customer data into a strategic asset for personalised marketing campaigns and enhanced customer experiences.

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    Matt Daniels

    Matt Daniels

    Chief Technology & Security Officer