Integrated solutions designed to optimise your marketing and customer experience outcomes

We consult, strategise, and implement solutions that enable brands to improve
marketing effectiveness and the personalisation of customer experiences.

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Digital transformation

Develop a clear roadmap for digital transformation that future-proofs your organisation.

The digital landscape is changing faster than ever with constant evolutions in technology, data privacy regulations and consumer expectations. We help businesses to align their business objectives with a digital strategy that accounts for initiatives across marketing, technology, data, product, and customer experience while accounting for evolutions in modern technology, data and privacy requirements.

top down view of man and women working with a laptop

First-party data strategies

Leverage your first-party data, drive better customer experience

As third-party cookies continue to deprecate, first-party data holds the key to unlocking deeper customer understanding and personalised experiences. At XPON, we’re experts in harnessing the power of your owned data to drive business growth and strengthen customer relationships.

Furthermore, XPON enables rapid centralisation, enrichment and activation of first-party data via our Wondaris® data platform for marketers.


Marketing analytics

Gain advanced insights into marketing performance and business impact.

Predict customer needs, measure sentiment, gain real-time campaign insights with advanced marketing analytics solutions. XPON helps you to break down data silos to unlock more meaning from your data, in turn, driving better campaign performance and marketing ROI.

Leverage advanced churn prediction and lifetime value models out-of-the-box with XPON’s proprietary Wondaris® data platform.


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AI for marketing

Leverage cutting-edge AI solutions to accelerate and optimise marketing

AI has many use cases for marketing and customer experience. XPON provides a strategic approach to AI adoption via our AI Readiness Assessment and Roadmap. We also offer a suite of pre-built AI solutions designed to address common marketing challenges in the retail, travel, and financial services industries. As a Google Cloud Premier Partner, we also bespoke AI solutions using Google’s leading AI/ML technology.

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Marketing technology optimisation

Optimise your marketing technology stack to improve performance and operational efficiencies

Using our broad marketing technology expertise, XPON acts as your strategic partner, supporting your business to optimise your existing technology stack in line with your digital strategy, business objectives, budget, and current team capability.

Through marketing technology optimisation, we enable your business to realise a reduction in technology costs, greater team productivity and greater marketing efficiency and ROI.