AI for Marketing

AI for Marketing

Improve marketing and customer experience with award-winning AI solutions

In today’s data-driven marketing landscape, AI is a powerful tool to unlock deeper customer insights, personalise experiences, and drive meaningful results.

XPON helps businesses leverage the power of AI to achieve their marketing goals and gain a competitive edge.

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How XPON delivers a competitive edge with AI

No matter your industry or use case, we will help you to maximise the value of AI and gain a decisive competitive edge.

1) AI Readiness Workshop

XPON’s AI Readiness Workshop is designed to understand your business objectives, benchmark your current capabilities, and identify the AI opportunities that will drive the most ROI.

2) AI Strategy & Roadmap

XPON’s AI Strategy & Roadmap will provide a strategy for AI adoption and clearly map the key stages of AI implementation to address your overarching business goals and marketing KPIs.

3) Ready-Made and Bespoke AI Solutions

XPON offers a suite of pre-built AI solutions designed to address common marketing challenges in the retail, travel, and financial services industries. We also build bespoke AI solutions using Google’s leading cloud technology and AI models

Common AI marketing use cases we deliver.

Maximise sales with purchase or churn prediction


Identify at-risk customers before they leave and proactively win them back. Double down on the customers ready to buy.

Understand customers at scale with Sentiment Analysis


Understand customer feedback and proactively refine your brand perception with near real-time feedback.

Grow basket size with intelligent product recommendations


Suggest the perfect products based on customer preferences or past browsing behaviour for every online shopper.

Increase profit with dynamic product pricing


Use customer preferences, intent signals and levels of demand to automatically set the perfect price.

Uplift conversions with automated ad optimisation


Forget endless ad tinkering. Use AI to optimise your campaigns to maximise ROI across your online campaigns.

Improve customer experience with AI customer support


Use AI to identify sentiment and use brand guidelines to foster genuine conversations that build trust and resolve issues faster.

Accelerate your AI journey with Google’s #1 AI Partner*

XPON is a Google Cloud Premier Partner and Marketing Analytics Cloud Specialist. We unlock the full potential of Google’s data and AI technologies for our customers across all industries.

*2023 ANZ Partner Award-winner

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wondaris offering

Rapidly enrich and activate your audiences with Wondaris®

XPON’s Audience, Enrichment and Activation Platform

Wondaris® is a next-generation platform for marketers. Wondaris® offers in-built AI enrichment of audience data for intelligent first-party data segmentation and activation.

Book an AI Readiness Assessment

XPON’s AI Readiness Assessment is designed to understand your business objectives, benchmark your AI capabilities, and provide a strategic approach to AI adoption.

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