Why Invest?

Who is XPON?

About XPON Technologies Group Ltd: ( XPON Technologies Group Ltd ACN 635 810 258 (ASX: XPN) (“XPON”) is a XPON is a founder-led Marketing Technology and Cloud Business providing mission-critical services and software solutions to corporate and mid-sized enterprises in Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom and Europe.

Our mission is to help customers better leverage their first party data by deploying the XPON Marketing & CX technology stack and accelerate the modernisation of their marketing and customer experience capabilities.

XPON helps customers modernise their marketing and customer experience technologies, offering modern architecture and ready-to-deploy platforms like Wondaris and Holoscribe. Wondaris is XPON’s Customer Data Platform that centralises customer and marketing data, leveraging Artificial Intelligence for automated advertising activation, and Holoscribe is XPON’s Extended Reality (XR) platform for quick and easy publishing XR and 360-degree content.

Why invest in XPON?

XPON has a strong track record of growth and future growth opportunities. The total addressable market for customer-facing MarTech applications in Australia and Europe alone is forecast to be more than A$201 billion by 2025. [1] XPON earns revenue on a recurring and non-recurring basis. Recurring revenue is earned by selling proprietary software licenses (Wondaris and Holoscribe), as well as Google software licenses.

Which stock exchange is XPON listed on?

XPON listed on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) on 16 December 2021.

What is XPON’s ticker code?

XPON trades under the ticker code: XPN.

For more information on how to find the right broker, visit the ASX website at

Is there a minimum number of shares I need to purchase to become a shareholder?

The minimum amount of shares under ASX listing rules is A$500 worth of shares. XPON suggests that individuals discuss the purchase of any shares with a financial advisor or broker to determine what the optimal number to buy would be considering budget and personal factors.

What is XPON’sfiscal year?

XPON’s fiscal year runs from July 1 to June 30.

Who maintains XPON’s share registry?

Automic Registry Services is XPON’s share registrar. Should you require information regarding your shareholding, please contact Automic via phone or web:

1300 288 664 (within Australia)
+61 (0) 2 9698 5414 (International)

What is the best way to keep across XPON’s progress?

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[1]  Technologies Transforming the Future of Digital marketing, Forest & Sullivan, Dec 2019.