With significant changes to data, privacy, and advertising technologies, there is immense pressure on Media Agencies to be able to recognise a greater adtech ROI for their clients consistently. As a Media Agency Technology Partner, we recognise the great difficulties these changes can bring upon media advertising activation, execution, and reporting. Below we have highlighted four key areas that we believe to be essential when trying to navigate your Media Agency through the transforming digital landscape.

Consolidation of media buying within one or a few key platforms

Multi-channel media plans bought in silos create repetition, overlap, and inconsistencies. By centralising buying of multi-channel media previously bought across multiple channels or media buying platforms, agencies can realise a tonne of efficiencies, recognise greater adtech ROI, streamline workflows and gain unique campaign insights.

Consolidated media buying can be performed through integrated adtech platforms such as the Google Marketing Platform, giving agencies the ability to access and buy inventory across an abundance of mediums and publishers from one central location. Managing multi-channel digital campaigns from a centralised location doesn’t just make buying easier, it also enables complete frequency and audience management to ensure advertising does not overlap and media spend is not wasted.

A recent Nielsen report found that centralised multi-channel media buying can lead to up to:

  • +39% increase in unique reach
  • +29% operational efficiency
  • 10% better frequency control
  • -19% cost per user

Configure automated reporting to save valuable staffing hours

Campaign reporting to brands can be tiresome and time-consuming. It’s far too common for agencies to utilise key staff resources to complete mundane tasks such as campaign reporting; tasks that can be automated with the right data and technology expertise.

With automated reports connected to an agency’s adtech stack, campaign reporting can be instant and continuous, enabling quicker insights, more innovative operations, and better proof-of-value to your clients.

An example of an automated report package is XPON’s Agency Toolkit which enables automated reporting on the following core metrics:

  • Transparency Reports
  • Bulk Trafficking
  • Identity & Access Management
  • Audience Analysis
  • ITP Audits
  • Floodlight Monitoring

Connecting first-party data to improve audience targeting in client campaigns.

With the deprecation of third-party cookies, audience targeting and campaign attribution are becoming more difficult. For agencies, this means it’s harder to find the right audiences to target with your client’s message, and harder to prove the value of the campaigns that you’re running.

By promoting the inclusion of audience first-party data within your client campaigns, you can enrich your campaign targeting to reach the right audience. AdTech platforms are making it easier to include first-party data in targeting, such as Google’s Customer Match.

As third-party cookie deprecation continues to come into effect, brands can feel the following costs of inaction:

  • 2.9x missed revenue uplift
  • +10-20% ad spend increases
  • 2-3x longer time-to-value

As an agency, you’re a client partner and can help all of your brands dodge the negative impacts by promoting the implementation of first-party data – now that’s a win-win situation.

Find a true partner that will drive technology enablement across your agency.

As media agencies are forced to adapt to an evolving digital landscape, there is an increased need for data and technology skills and capability. It can be difficult for agencies to develop these skills independently, and hence, finding the right technology partner that can help drive digital best practices throughout your business heavily impacts your agency’s ability to support clients.

When looking for a technology partner to support your agency, consider the following questions:

  • Are they competitive in the media space at all?
  • Do they have experience with privacy-first measurement and first-party digital advertising practices?
  • Do they offer a true partnership and enablement offering centralised around your core business objectives?

By acting on these key recommendations, in tandem with a technology partner, your Media Agency will be ale to adapt and scale to these significant changes across data, privacy, and advertising technology.

About XPON Technologies

At XPON Technologies, we partner with agencies with the aim to support growing their business and extracting more value from their Adtech investment. Our collaborative partnership model focuses on training, enablement, and ongoing support if required, ensuring your team is upskilled accordingly and using the adtech efficiently to drive more value for your clients and maximise adtech ROI.

As a technology and data leader, we also help agencies and their clients to navigate the ever-changing media landscape with the growing impact of third-party cookie deprecation, privacy and data governance.

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