This comes with the news that Canstar is extending its partnership with XPON (previously Datisan) across the full Google Marketing Platform stack as a GMP Partner.

Sara Tweedly, Group Executive, Digital & Marketing at Canstar, says about working with XPON (previously Datisan), 

XPON (previously Datisan) has been a great partner for us over the past 12 months in the analytics space. We’re looking to them to support our alignment of media, tech and analytics and can’t wait to get started.

This will include the addition of Display Video 360, Search Ads 360 and Campaign Manager to the existing Google Analytics 360 engagement.

Mike Cornwell, XPON’s Head of Business Development said,

“It’s great to see Canstar make the move to leverage the wider capability across GMP; they’ve done some really cool things in the analytics space this year and we can’t wait to get going on the program of work associated to the full stack.

In particular, I’m excited about the value we can add to their measurement and audience strategies.

This is the latest in a surge of client wins for XPON (previously Datisan), representing one of four companies who have engaged with AdTech solutions immediately following their Google Marketing Platform as GMP Partner certification announcement in October.

Datisan’s Head of AdTech, Bharat Tarachandani, is enthusiastic on how quickly Datisan is scaling in this space.

We are excited to have multiple full stack clients plus keen interest from several others so early in our journey into the AdTech space. It demonstrates the value we bring to the market with combined Analytics, GMP and GCP capabilities.

Along with their Certified GMP Partner status in Google Cloud Platform (GCP) as well, this makes XPON’s Google’s first full-stack Google Marketing Platform and Cloud Platform sales partner across Australia and New Zealand. Different to a traditional media agency with full-stack capabilities, Datisan’s expertise with both sets them apart as a Platform Enablement Partner.

Winning work with Canstar has been the cherry on top of what has already been a strong year for XPON (previously Datisan) in Financial Services.

In November, XPON (previously Datisan) added Google Cloud Partners Financial Services Expertise to their growing list of expertise on this platform. This expertise is awarded to partners who demonstrate customer success and leverage the Google Cloud Platform to help deliver competitive and compliant solutions in rapidly changing global markets with powerful, scalable technology, including secured multi-cloud and hybrid solutions for the financial services industry.

Chris Rozic (L), CEO & Co-Founder, XPON (previously Datisan) & Bharat Tarachandani (R), Head of AdTech

CEO Chris Rozic agrees,

It’s satisfying to see that the strong work XPON has delivered in the financial services and insurance sector being rewarded with continued business as well as recognition from our partners at Google.

For more information on XPON’s Adtech or Martech solutions, get in touch today. XPON is a full-stack GMP Partner and Premier Google Cloud Partner that helps businesses better leverage their First Party customer data to unlock exponential growth.