Welcome to the final installment in our introduction to XPON’s stages of Digital Maturity. Customer-Centric Digital. Maturity In case you missed any of our earlier posts, you can find them all here:

This brings us to the fourth, and pinnacle, stage which is ‘Customer-Centric’.

The 4 stages of XPON's Digital Maturity framework

We’ve done it! We reached the top – but what is Customer-Centric Digital Maturity?

Customer-centric Digital Maturity businesses make up only 7% of respondents, so if this is you, congratulations – you’re well ahead of the curve! This puts your organisation in an ideal position to optimise efficiency and continue to streamline processes to maximise ROI on your efforts.

Customer-centric businesses make up only 7% of respondents to the Digital Maturity Survey.

As the name suggests, this means your organisation is customer-driven and focused. You are actually walking the talk when it comes to delivering personalised, digital experiences that meet the expectations of today’s online customer. With this Maturity, teams have reinforced value and trust with their customers and are already executing campaigns and messages leveraging 1st party data and targeted at individual business outcomes and transaction levels.
A business that has reached the Customer-centric Digital Maturity stage of Maturity is also ready to deal with the imminent deprecation of 3rd party data, having prioritised and been proactive in developing their privacy-compliant 1st party data strategy. Further they’re in the best position to handle the inevitable future policy changes as and when they arise.

So where to from here?

The goal now for those at the Customer-centric stage is to iterate, test and evolve, rather than rest on their laurels. Making every touchpoint count whether it be on-site or through ads continues to be key, as is cross-channel optimisation to further increase efficiencies. In addition, having reached this stage affords marketers the time and opportunity to test and identify the experience(s) that best deliver on the value-consent exchange for ongoing 1st party data collection. This is also the time to develop agile customer acquisition and retention campaigns that can be measured and adjusted in line with changing customer needs and expectations.

Whilst businesses who have achieved Customer-centric maturity are in a strong position regarding privacy compliance, there is still room to fine tune policy and processes around data governance, especially with the cross-functionality of data across business units.

As we wrap up this series on XPON’s Maturity Framework, it is clear that the digital and data landscapes will continue to shift, along with technology, privacy and regulations that surround it. Those organisations who invest in their Digital Maturity capability long-term will be ones who hold the advantage in this space by offering their customers a truly omnichannel digital experience, as well as achieving increased customer lifetime value.

Want to see where your organisation sits?

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